Foreign accent syndrome

Waking up one morning and having a different  accent? 

As strange as it seems, it can happen. It is called  “Foreign Accent Syndrome”. 

The first case was recorded in 1944, when a  Norwegian woman was sent into a coma by an  artillery strike and after awakening she began  to speak with such a strong German accent that  she was mistaken as a German spy. 

Foreign Accent Syndrome is a rare neurological  disorder, only 60 cases in the 70 years since its  discovery. It is also still highly debated, some  scientists think it is not a “real” disease. 

Patients affected by this condition do not  immediately recognize the accent change, but  it is other people who point it to them and  sometimes this neurological dysfunction is so  serious that it causes identity disorders. 

There is still no cure, but patients are treated  with psychiatric drugs and sessions by the  speech therapist. 

The main causes are stroke, severe trauma to  the brain or diseases such as multiple sclerosis  or diseases that damage the left side of the  brain, where there are the areas for the  pronunciation of words. 

Scientists have also  found that some psychological factors can  cause this disease, such as anxiety or  depression.

Matteo Bisesi


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